Practical SEM/PPC Training in Pune

Search engine marketing(SEM) is nothing but the process of increasing site visibility on the Internet, with the help of the paid platforms. A variety of paid platforms are available over the internet such as, Google AdWords, Facebook Adv etc. The purpose of using these platform is we get instant results, lead generation and brand building and SEM training in the part of our Practical digital marketing course in these you learn how to increasing awareness of any business over the internet.

We at Digital Partners provide best Practical SEM training that is a part of Google AdWords certification course.

Why choose SEM over other marketing techniques?

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is a cost-effective method for producing exactly relevant leads that useful for your business. The best thing about SEM is that it helps in focused targeting, which helps you to target the end user based on their interests, location, demographics, time, exact bid etc. SEM campaign depends on CPC (Cost-per-click) marketing techniques. You just need to pay money when a visitor visits on your ad on the basis of ads format like CPC or CPM. Likewise, dissimilar to SEO, it begins instantly and you will begin getting relevant result for your business.

Thus, if you want to be able to use SEM, you would need the desired skills for operating campaign. Digital Partners will provide you the desired SEM training that includes PPC training as well which is helpful for increasing leads. With proper training, you would be able to implement this marketing technique easily and effective way.

Scope of SEM course:

Using following points we define the scope of SEM training course:

  • Optimization of PPC landing pages for better conversion rates in website.
  • With the help of performance indicators drive efficient analysis and reporting for the campaign.
  • Setting of the PPC action plan for effective campaign.
  • Cost reduction via manual or automated bid strategy and sorted account structure.
  • Designing of relevant text ads and display ads and bringing traffic to PPC landing page.
  • Optimize CTR and thus bring about a rise in ROI on PPC campaigns, quality scores and other related parameters.

SEM Course Syllabus:

About SEM/PPC Training at Digital Partners:

If you are searching for SEM Training in Pune, ensure that you join an esteemed institute that specializes in SEM Training of Digital Marketing. Digital Partners happens to be best Digital Marketing training institute that gives the advanced technical training of all modules of digital marketing. We have our faculty for our SEM Training who have good experience in digital marketing field. Above, you can check the modules we cover in our SEM course. Additionally, you can get to know where you can reach after you successfully complete the Search Engine Marketing certification.

We offer in our SEM training course on a personal level Google AdWords, Run Search ads, display ads, Remarketing etc. campaign and get hands on experience.

Our Course Highlights:

The program is designed by industry professionals who have hands-on experience in the field of digital marketing.

After completing the training sessions, you will be proficient to track and screen Digital Marketing strategy. You will likewise have the capacity to arrange campaign for business needs or growing point of view. Getting a job in digital marketing field would also become easier.

  • Industry approved course
  • Work on live projects at our institute
  • GGet certified in digital marketing
  • Practically working on campaigns
  • Training conducted by industry expert trainers
  • Revision sessions after each module
  • Google AdWords certification detailed course
  • Assignments for practice purpose
  • Digital Partners has to be your first choice for an intensive course in Search Engine Marketing. Enroll the course and walk out as an SEM expert professional. If you’re looking for Advanced SEO Training and SMO/SMM Training in Pune Digital Partners is right place.

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